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Jenn Horowitz, HB, CA – 15 year veteran digital marketer
“Ray and I have known each other and worked together for years. His insights into marketing and conversion optimization are always interesting and spot-on. In addition to acquired knowledge, he has a gut instinct and tons of experience that makes him invaluable to ecommerce marketing!”
Which change to your Cart will get the best response?
  •     What are the three questions you MUST answer you go live on your Cart Page?
  •    SHOULD YOUR HEADLINE BE ALL CAPS? Discover the 100 year proven answer.
  •    How can you test a piece of advertising without spending a dime? The answer is simple...
  •    Reading your advertisement aloud to yourself is a great idea..but there's an even better way.
  •    There's one thing people do when they can't solve their problem. Now you can make a tank load of money from it.
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   A shocking discovery...
Ray Ritchey here...

I've read over 3,000 pages of Conversion, Pursuasion, & marketing books...

And while I poured over them, I discovered most of them were saying the same thing, over and over again.

It was this discovery that led me to create a simple tool...a tool that everyone absolutely loves...

       Here's how I created this tool...
At first, I carefully selected 300 ideas from these 3,000 pages...

Then I ruthlessly cut out the improvements that didn't blow my mind.

I took the remaining 300 quotes & narrowed them down to 100 absolutely proven ideas.

These 100 proven secrets were BURIED in 3,000 pages of books and Over 40 Hours of Conversion Videos I have read and watched.

But I've dug them all out...

Polish them up...

And even gave my thoughts on each idea.

And I still use them, almost every day.
Here's exactly how I use them...

I start thinking about a Shopping Cart I'm working on...

Then I quickly read through the list, never lingering too long...

As I'm flipping through the list, I let my mind go to work...

No pressure, just a little "ahh!" and "that's a good idea" along the way.

It usually only takes a ideas, sometimes only one, to have my mind suddenly explode with a great new idea. There are some basics, but each shopping cart page is a work of art. What works on one site, may not work on another. Different customers for different products act differently. 

I've never had this simple tool fail me yet...

I ALWAYS come up with GREAT ideas…

And I want you to have that same opportunity.

Look, there is so much BS floating around, really utter nonsense….

I couldn’t in good conscience keep these to myself…

I feel obligated to get these to as many people as possible… just to counteract all the crap that’s out there.
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Bottom line: This tool is free. There’s really nothing to pay… There’s NO sneaky monthly charge you’ll have to cancel in a month.  We’re NOT going to be dinging your card every month, hoping you never notice.

There’s none of that…

All I ask is that you help me cover the postage and handling costs of $4.95 if you're in the US, or $14.95 if you're international.

Your tool will be shipped right away, often the same business day that you order.
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I know that everyone under the sun is offering free crap on the Internet… heck, you’re almost entitled to getting everything for free.  In fact, I often find it harder to give stuff away than to charge for it.
That’s why I was hesitant to give this valuable booklet away for free… I run a great risk of people not truly valuing these secrets I’m revealing here… so I encourage you to prove me wrong… grab your free copy today and put it to use.

I’m counting on you!

Ray Ritchey

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Jocelyn Spears
"Any idea big or small, Ray researches before making any big leaps. By doing this, Ray has made excellent decisions in managing and marketing"
                  Mike Easterbrook, Director
Mike Easterbrook
"Ray contribution to the company was a lot deeper than just overseeing the marketing department. In fact, when Ray saw a problem that needed to be solved with operations, sales, IT, compliance or any other departments, he was there to assist and make sure things we worked out. He worked relently to help build ARC and increase growth by 400% two straight years in a row. 
Marian Chaney Says:
Ray is great in marketing because of his endless innovative ideas and high standard of his work product. He is definitely highly adaptive, always passionate about learning and ready to adopt valuable new thoughts. Furthermore, he is able to push through pressure and put ideas into actions to make changes in the organization. He is a hands-on leader who actually deals with details and is dedicated to every piece of work. 
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